Water has memory

A simple experiment by researchers and professors at the prestigious Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany is confirming Dr. Jacques Benveniste’s 1988 assertion that water has an imprint of energies to which it has been exposed. Does water have memory? Has and still seems to be a controversial claim, despite its apparent evidence. What I believe is that we are capable of coding water and our surroundings with our mind, but just like we do it within our thoughts and words, everybody else does it as well, if they are conscious or not conscious of their thoughts and actions we all contribute to the bigger picture and water memory of our world together. Water doesn’t judge it just stores and transforms according to its surroundings. Just like the experiment from the researches at the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany proofs, within their study. The question is what is happening to our world with this knowledge and understanding ?

This experiment and support from professors here offer another intriguing view and explanation of how we are able to influence our world, since it proves water has a “memory”.

The Oasis HD Channel in Canada describes the fascinating results of this experiment.

What are your memories? – Are they really yours to begin with …. ?

Allow me to raise more questions: what are the consequences of this discovery and what are the most common thoughts expressed within our daily media we consume on a regular bases? A friend of mine working for a news channel once said: news are only news, if something bad happened . . . Sure, it sounds all a bit black and white, yet have you ever realized how the tendency to  spread and create fear, distrust and a lot of other negative thrills we daily choose to receive from media modifies our thoughts and believes.  Watching action movies, crime stories, thrillers, our movie consumption seems to be all about those negative lower vibrations, we keep surrounding us inside and outside of our minds with destructive false believes that imprint on us. Due to our mirror neuron system within our brains, it works perfectly fine to stimulate us through our eyes. Look at the overwhelming amount of horror images and thoughts produced by the ‘dream factory called: movie industry’. Are you even surprised that there are floods, diseases and so much more negativity that occur within our world?!  Day in day out we are the ones continuously contributing and serving these self-fullfilling prophecies and believes ?

In simple words: you consist out of 70 – 80% of water, the world you live in pretty much the same amount. Your thoughts and words influence and create the structure of water and water memorizes and stores this information and shares it with you, just like you share your information with the water. It s a two way channel of information which gets exchanged. No wonder that our common tap-water which we decided to physically and mentally abuse lost its rejuvenating, healing powers – if not cleansed by nature. Here we are a today: stuck in a devils wheel, or maybe not…?

We are the ones who actually choose to lift or poison the vital essence of our being: water.

Our world is and can be different. Water inside and outside your body loves to resonate and share its information, just like us. Well, no wonder you are water and water is you.

So, lets hit the pause button for a second . . .

and imagine what could happen if we actually stop feeling sad or blaming others. If we actually manage to be kind to each other and if there is a technology out there, that can support us to hit the reset button on this water information business and get a fresh start. This is exactly why I like to share with you this amazing vortex technology, that can help all of us and together, to make it happen, transform impure water into pure water, for you and the world alike. I decided that it is time to do something, be active and this is why I started mayim pure: to help to erase old water frequencies, and in doing so to empower people,  to  support them in their goals to open up their mind and express their true inner nature of who they are, inspired by the water you drink and shower in. Lets help each other to make informed decisions of what is possible and visualize a new world. Yes, we can cleans our water, the one you drink or shower in.  Allow water to be your vital source of life and assist you to achieve your goals, for you and a better world.

The beautiful thing about water is, that it is merciful and loves to vibrate on a higher frequency, if given a chance to do so …. Just like you enjoy words of kindness, love and pleasure being expressed to you, that raises you to a higher frequency, it s the same with water – it loves to resonate, share and help you. To support you in your goals and higher consciousness, I am happy to share with you a technology that helps your inner and outer water, to vibrate at a higher frequency, for your own well being and the world. Also, I like to give thanks, to all the wonderful beautiful people out there, for each one sharing their thoughts, wisdom, knowledge and insides with us and help to make this world a better place.

Thank you, for all you tender wonderful  water human beings of light & joy who keep spreading the word and rejoice to make this beautiful planet and place we live in a joyful experience for all and every single one of us.