• Does our "simple-technology" really change the water information of my body and mind ?


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E X P E R I M E N T 


Does our “simple -technology” really change the information of my energy field around and in my body?


BEFORE SHOWERING  - TimeWaver analyses

BEFORE SHOWERING - TimeWaver analyses

The colored points of light symbolize the chakras of the body. The greater and more intense the light sot, the more powerful the chakra works.

AFTER SHOWERING - TimeWaver analyses

AFTER SHOWERING - TimeWaver analyses

A clear increase in size and intensity. The fusion of light pints indicates more consonance. Usually 7 to 10 minutes showering with our technology vertebrae are necessary to complete the process, for all chakras to gain significantly in energy and coherence.

Evidence such as  crystal vortex technology is aligning water towards high hexagonal structures and renewed vitality, are important for us and our development. We are constantly attempting to proof visually, scientific and with repeatable processes, represent comprehend data easily to the effectiveness of our technology. The fundamental question is not answered with the sole viewing of water. Water makes constant miraculous changes, and maybe that is why scientific water studies are such a grey area, like Dr. Gerald Pollack points out in his studies.
In April 2015 we used the following Time Waver procedure, to share some light  on our technology in action and performed a wonderful documentation for two questions:

Does our “simple -technology” really change the water information of my body and mind?

Is my energetic field, which I can’t see effected by this shower and drinking vortex water ?

– Or is it all just a marketing hoax ?

TimeWaver is a modern soft- and hardware for information field technology. Based on the proclamation of many great quantum physicists like Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Anton Zeilingen, biologists like Rupert Sheldrake, or psychologists like C.G. Jung, see information as the basis of the material reality and call it a “Morphogenetic field”, “Information potential”, or the “Collective subconscious”. TimeWaver is based on this quantum physical interface into the information field; where you can find various levels of material processes as information.

2. EXPERIMENT – with TimeWaver

IMPORTING a 7 silver Berg Crystal-Rose quartz vortex shower head into the TimeWaver.
DESCRIPTION: Instead of a human being in the center it is  only a vertebrae silver mountain crystal shower head, which will be turned on in the bathroom and left alone. The measurement and recording starts the moment the shower is turned on and water flows through the vortex chambers . After a few minutes the energy field points are strong and always very coherent with each other . Such measurements are usually only found in “living – vital” beings. Tests performed with ordinary shower heads, had no readings at all.


An IDEA  to explain the PHENOMENON:

The crystal vortex chambers design is based on the golden ratio and sacred geometry. Nature uses this ratios in all living things. As water passes through the vortex chambers, it establishes a dynamic connection to the source structure of creation. A consolidation motion arises, in and around the vortex chamber this essential and vital structure field gets more prominent and stronger, the longer the water flows. Everything that is energetically dysfunctional, bulky, twisted, chaotic can’t remain inside this higher order. The source, the original essences inside human beings, is strengthened; piled chaos, garbage and problems are let go or transformed into new vital building blocks. As more clarity, serenity surrounds us, we start to resonate with the higher structure – and chaos partly and quickly dissolves from our being. Solutions present themselves from inside, just like the magic you experience by meditating. Since I have been practicing yoga for many years, I can share my own experience: the clarity , depth, quality and power in my meditation has refined and deepened,  since I drink our water vortex and enjoy the amazing showers. An activation energy emerges from the natural coherence unfolding new ways. On the blog you find an article “water has memory”, it shares further knowledge about the deeper insides of this particular water phenomenon.  Consider, the longer the water flows through without any interruption, the greater the “free space” effect inside you and your surroundings emerges. A natrual space for your true joyful essence to spread.
Let’s look at it from another perspective: living organisms, even down to the smallest cell, they desire to live – and life follows certain underlying actions and formations. External as well as ego driven forces can be disruptive, disordered, chaotic layers which are harmfully reprogramming our life and us. If I am building and recreating inside a certain space the vital structures of life, it is how I strengthen the essential functions of life itself. By receiving this extra power and vital energy it is easier to shake off damaging internal and external forces of harmful influence.

Integrity for life in its pure essence is supported

Jane Winton


For our family of four , it is also worthwhile financially : after 8 months , the investment has paid for itself . 1 liter of fresh filtered Mayim pure water only costs us about 8 cents per liter . In addition, I carry no more water crates , win time and space . My plants are looking great as well.

Frank Smith


The water has a pleasant refreshing and revitalizing effect . I feel a lot more power and joy in my life.