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The shower for the body, soul & world rejuvenation


We all experience the vibration behavior of  bronze as very clear and fine: that’s the harmonizing sound of singing balls. Using bronzes positive interaction with precious metals such as silver or gold, is part of creating a  hexagonal structure, using the electron surplus of precious metals for the water rejuvenation process. Water is thereby structured strengthened and sharing it s new vitality with us.  By getting in resonance and  interacting with the water inside of our body, new harmonizing structure frequencies  are implemented in our cell-water cleansing old  unhealthy frequencies. A shower that purifies your body and mind as an amazing side effect.



These positive properties,  are created in our shower heads:  precious metal chambers  edged inside a bronze cube creates an energizing frequency pattern, just like solfeggio frequencies  Using  natures  creation of an  infinite source of negative charged electrons, as  key element for a unique water recharging process in less than a blink of an eye.

Which metal should I choose?

 G O L D 

 S I L V E R 



Gold: The sound of gold hugs you  with warmth , vitality and light , like the sun the earth . Gold presents you with pure  rays, it feels like  a  “doping” for the soul, you experience clarity and greatness. An energy awakens to  take on  greater responsibilities with joy and ease. On a physical level it enhances cell cooperation, better organ functionality within in your body are empowered.

Silver opens up a wide, fresh cheerful room full of happiness and  optimism. Ideas spring from your subconscious and  mental shortcuts come easy. The artist, thinker and therapist within me awakes. Inspiration open doors in your mind, leaving the old behind on your way to the future.

Ruthenium contains the vibration of endurance when breaking new ground, the vibrations of consultation  and achieving high goals . Enthusiastic about the task, but under its own pressure or great tension , this can lead to cleanse, find  balance and relaxation . The  force of “it has to be now!”  ends and  the principle to “let go” appears and trust in the universal forces to let be returns. Ruthenium can assist us to find more joy in doing , internal resistances can be solved easily,  no more obstacles for the enthusiasm to find its way into manifestation.


Platinum frequency penetrates and gives enormous stability and grounding energy. A wonderful untouchability can be felt. One is less directly affected by the turmoil of life, a pleasant coolness can be considered, to transform into an observer, where there was once heat and chaos. A feeling of  contact with the absolute may appear. All together a  healthy autarchy, arrogance can be transformed towards courage , a courage to dive into infinity: on a spiritual level – if it is approved.


Jane Winton


For our family of four , it is also worthwhile financially : after 8 months , the investment has paid for itself . 1 liter of fresh filtered Mayim pure water only costs us about 8 cents per liter . In addition, I carry no more water crates , win time and space . My plants are looking great as well.

Frank Smith


The water has a pleasant refreshing and revitalizing effect . I feel a lot more power and joy in my life.