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A showerhead that purifies, your daily shower water. Rejuvenates actively your skin and energizes your body and mind.


You’ve taken innumerable showers. It s about time for  Mayim Pure the one of a kind shower. Mayim Pure provides a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense.

Every showerhead is a personalized handcrafted power tool made in Germany for you to enhance and rejuvenate your life. It combines three different technologies  that showers you with water like you’ve never experienced before, energizing your body, mind and space. Our vortex technology atomizes all clustered water information, removing all toxic water structure, purifying every single drop while splitting into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times more surface area than your regular shower. Surrounded by amazing positive vibrating crystal structure water drops. Certified by Dr. Masaru Emoto lab. Experience this pure sensation for yourself.


How does it work ?

Inside our crystal-vortex cells is a distinct construction which produces various geometrical vortexes or whirlpools. This technology transforms  pressure into implosion and  uses sacred geometry to harmonize the dispersion. Based on the ideas and inventions from Viktor Schauberger.



Disharmonious frequency patterns have proven to easily give way to a clarifying structure. This is especially true when the vortex cells are in and of themselves resonating with “the force of Life”; in other words resonating with “growth, empowerment, joy, love, rejuvenation….” In addition to that, it shouldn’t be ignored that the form our vortex cell corresponds to: the geometrical figure of the Flower of Life; the golden ratio, as well as to the Fibonacci- Sequence. A Torus arises in the center of these cells! It is by virtue of this very exact geometrical structure that many people experience a build up of an “energetic field” (a positive force) whilst showering.

We used a Time Waver system to visualize what happens to your energy field  


BEFORE SHOWERING  - TimeWaver analyses

BEFORE SHOWERING - TimeWaver analyses

The colored points of light symbolize the chakras of the body. The greater and more intense the light sot, the more powerful the chakra works.

AFTER SHOWERING - TimeWaver analyses

AFTER SHOWERING - TimeWaver analyses

A clear increase in size and intensity. The fusion of light pints indicates more consonance. Usually 7 to 10 minutes showering with our technology vertebrae are necessary to complete the process, for all chakras to gain significantly in energy and coherence.



Our example is based on an average person living in Germany: Usually during a shower 25-15 liters (6,6-4 gallons) of warm water per minute are used in an ordinary shower head. Based on consumer studies, 10 liter (2,6 gallon) of warm water costs approximately 12 cents.

A regular “shower Minute” is more or less about 25 cents.
A Mayim Pure “shower Minute” is more or less about 14 cents.


The secret lies within our amazing vortex technology chambers. Depending on flow and water pressure: only 7-12 liters per minute are flowing through our shower heads. Assuming an annual shower quantity per person of about 2300 minutes within a year, taking a 6 minute shower, results in approximately € 575  / $ 614  a year for using a regular shower head per person per year. A 2-person household  would spend about € 1150 / $1230  per year for showering.  A family of 4 approximately  € 2300 / $2460  per year – depending on the age of the children or other household members. In comparison a Mayim Pure shower per person uses only € 322 / $344 water per year – Savings:€ 253 / $271

It means, within a 2-person household our shower head has paid for itself in less than 1 year.

We are certain that you will have more fun showering,  be more energetic, power- and joyful after taking a Mayim Pure shower…. Good for you  & the environment.


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Jane Winton


For our family of four , it is also worthwhile financially : after 8 months , the investment has paid for itself . 1 liter of fresh filtered Mayim pure water only costs us about 8 cents per liter . In addition, I carry no more water crates , win time and space . My plants are looking great as well.

Frank Smith


The water has a pleasant refreshing and revitalizing effect . I feel a lot more power and joy in my life.