Let me take you on an informative journey into our Crystal Vortex technology, an  innovative product line in the area of water vitalization. All products incorporate the ingenious vortex technology ideas established by Viktor Schauberger in the 1920s. Internal structure of shower-heads and tap water vortex are one of a kind vortex cells, clearing old water information, enhancing water with oxygen, rejuvenating it and creating a free space, without any interference for as long as the water flows through the system. Creating an organized harmonic field inside the water and its surrounding alike.

When and why do we experience things as: well integrated, harmonious, beautiful and pleasing?

It is the principle residing within the Golden Ratio where we discover the significant relationship between consonance and coherency of parts, as well as their totality and how this relates to harmony. A further innovative characteristic pertinent to the construction of the vortex cells is the Fibonacci Sequence which gives rise to the Golden Spiral. Both Leonardo Fibonacci and Viktor Schauberger were observers of nature, they discovered this constant resurfacing beautiful perfect structure in nature over and over again.

Fibonacci was the first to discover that nature followed a simple mathematical principle. This was true for every plant as well as many organisms, as was discovered e.g. in a snail’s house. The growth of this house followed congruently a specific numerical sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, and so on.  This means that every following Prime Number was the sum of the addition of the last two numbers. A fundamental statement of Viktor Schauberger was: “You are turning incorrectly…” It’s about implosion, that is to say about “a force which is directed inwardly” and not an explosion which is directed outwardly and also diffuses. All that we don’t know about water still awaits our discovery. Schauberger had postulated certain bioenergetic, essential metals as well as the practical implementation of implosions. Werner Habermeier has consistently contributed to the development of this knowledge by increasing the speed at which the water is moved through the vortices and by the utilisation of crystals!

Vortex Cells: A Dynamic Effect

These unique cells amplify and accelerate the water through the vortexes. Consequently they act as catalysers. This results in a much higher frequency which invigorates the water. The significant specification lies in these vortex cells serving as a force field energy and in both our shower heads and in the tap water vortexes. There efficiency quiet amazing. 


As humans, we are capable of influencing, changing and directing energies via our thoughts and the power of our heart. Within these crystal-vortex cells there is a distinct construction which produces geometrical vortices or whirlpools. These contain certain patterns of frequency with nodal points. The nodal points contain ’standing waves‘. Through the patterns of frequency the standing waves are brought into motion and some are even dissolved. Disharmonious patterns of frequency have proven to easily give way to a clarifying structuring. This is especially true when the vortex cells are in and of themselves resonating with “the force of Life”; in other words resonating with “survival, function, joy…” In addition to that, it shouldn’t be ignored that Habermeier designed the vortex cell corresponding to the geometrical figure of the flower of life.

Flower of Life; the Golden Ratio, as well as to the Fibonacci- Sequence are part of our design. A Torus arises in the center of these cells! It is by virtue of this very exact geometrical structure that many people experience a build up of an “energetic field” (a force) whilst showering. Some of those of you, who are clairvoyant or socalled “sensitives”, can even see this energy field with its play of colours.

Our technology is based on the ideas of two geniuses from the past century, Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla.


According to the physicist Nikola Tesla, and electrical engineer as well as the discoverer of the Zero point energy, we can assume that this Zero point energy represents a matrix from which matter emerges in a compressed form. One could say that this Zero point energy represents the original sphere of action of Creation itself. Every form of energy known to man has its causal beginning here, regardless of whether it is in the form of compressed energy or radiation.
Viktor Schauberger
In everyone of our vortex cells pressure is transformed into suction. In order to achieve on such a small distance this phenonemon water pressure is required. In most of the cells a pressure measuring two bar is necessary- or a flow from about 1.5 Liters per Minute. The nano-cells require a flow-rate of minimum 0,3 liters per minute. Consequently most of the reverse osmosis-systems can be equipped with a tap water vortex.
Nikola Tesla

By reason of their structure the vortex cells draw the water, swirling and filling it with air, upwards to the top. Consequently from the very beginning, two primary swirls arise which mutually accelerate each others speed, whilst simultaneously swirling upward into and through an ever narrowing cell space. At their highest rate of speed they converge at the Zero point. Here the water clusters are more or less “pulverized” and the  clustered molecules of oxygen are dispersed. The resultant aerated water now contains more free oxygen molecules, which rotate in the form of micro and nano swirls. This in turn enriches the water with further oxygenation.
A simple analogy, to help you visualize this process, could be to imagine having a ball and out of this one ball many small balls would arise. The available surface, i.e. the bonding capacity of the oxygen in the many smaller balls, is radically increased and energized.
In the crystal vortex chambers that very point, where the two primary swirls converge and undergo the Zero point, is made out of pure natural crystal. At that point of the highest speed, coupled with the least amount of expansion, the swirling vortex impacts the crystal and instigates its vibration. This undulation exponentiates the energetic force of the crystal and the crystal’s structure is transferred into the water. It is here that a coherency simultaneously arises within the geometry, the water, the crystal, the metal and the environment. This “field of energy” expands into the environment.
The non-coherent structures within the surrounding space begin to dissipate – a healing sets in. The longer water flows through the cellular vortices without disruption, the more coherency will arise in this space. Coherency in the context of laser light means bundled, concentrated, energetic and shows a consonance amongst the photons.
The Golden Ratio and sacred geometry show a coherency with the basic structure of the universe and with matter itself. Coherency could also be described as the dissolution of separation or as proximity and onsonance.
Within a psychological context, it could be described as the increased ability of man’s awareness to mentally and emotionally penetrate things.
When one can do this, then one feels more connected; the things appear to be more orderly and a feeling of being able to act returns. Werner Habermeier describes this coherency, which arises around and through the vortices, as “being attuned to life and its areas of expression”. When one comes into proximity with a strong coherency to life, this resonates deep within the seeds of knowledge inherent in each individual – aka our DNA. It can more easily penetrate the inner chaos and express itself outwardly, thereby arriving into the NOW. Coherency with life is life-giving.
This can be experienced when we are in a pristine area of nature or in the presence of a waterfall. The longer water flows through a crystal-vortex cell, the more extensive the energy field and the more coherent life within this space becomes. The sound and therefore the vibration of this shower is also transferred into that space!

Enhanced Physiology

Greater Metabolic Efficiency

Hightened immune function

Better nutrient absorption


Greater overall Health

Jane Winton


For our family of four , it is also worthwhile financially : after 8 months , the investment has paid for itself . 1 liter of fresh filtered Mayim pure water only costs us about 8 cents per liter . In addition, I carry no more water crates , win time and space . My plants are looking great as well.

Frank Smith


The water has a pleasant refreshing and revitalizing effect . I feel a lot more power and joy in my life.

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